Monday, April 19, 2010

A Trip to Barcelona

We went to Barcelona during Semana Santa of 2010. It was crowded. Semana Santa is like spring break for Americans, except in Spain they have parades with Jesus as the centerpiece. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain, behind Madrid, with around 4 million people. We took a bike tour on day one:
The guide and the "natural bike rider":
Along the beach we were told that it used to be the slums. Rows of old apartment buildings lined the beach, but after the 1992 Olympics, the city was cleaned up, and became a popular tourist destination (and a place where Hil and I would eat sandwiches courtesy of the H10). We saw a completely nude old man riding a bike along the beach, and then we left for the Sangrada Famalia.
A reminder of the old:
One of the main Plazas where we had dinner on the last night of our trip.
Guadi's Sangrada Famalia, still not completed (est. completion: 2040):
Guadi died from crossing the street and getting hit by a rail car. He was only around 60 years old.  He was dressed in work clothes and no one knew of his importance when they found him, and his medical attention was laxed. He died while waiting for attention in the hospital.
The other side:
An apartment building built by Guadi. It is supposed to resemble the ocean, with the curves as waves and the balcony decor as seaweed.
Guadi's park Guell:
The entrance to the park, tons of people b/c of Semana Santa.
La Rambla, the busiest pedestrian street I know of, with lots of eccentric street performers:
Off of La Rambla, there is a popular open air market that has lots to choose from.....pig heads, lamb heads, cow tounges, fish. Hilary didnt have a good experience here, being an animal lover.
On the last day, we went to Montserrat:
Tibadabo has a greak overlook of Barcelona, and a ferrycar to take you to the top. We ran back down and beat it.
Montjuic, where the musical water fountain is:
Waiting for the Magic Fountain to never start, becasue the last show was at 9pm, and we arrived at 9:15.
So we came back during the day:
Barcelona was fun. It feels more modern than the rest of the cities in Spain. Eating at the Hard Rock Cafe was a highlight, we (I) still think that the Spanish need to use more spices in their food, and include some vegetables.  

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