Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Goodbye Huelva

After living in Huelva..........I am glad I was here and I am ready to leave.

Some of the students and pictures of the school.....

Many of the things that are great about living in Spain:
  • Futbol on TV all the time
  • Walk everywhere, no traffic
  • Few people have dishwashers or dryers...makes you feel less wastefull.
  • Most cars are standard, and you cant use the cell in the car, so people pay attention when they drive
  • Flamenco shows
  • The love of soccer, the amount of people playing in the parks
  • Hamberguesa completas......not as many McDonalds and fast food places (at least in Huelva) 
  • Seville
  • Cheap medicine and you dont have to pay to go to the doctor
  • Cheap wine and olives
  • Cathedrals
  • Nap time at 3 o'clock
  • My realaxed schedule with tons of time to read
  • The students in class apparently do not have cliques
  • Nap time again
Goodbye, Huelva!


  1. AWww bye Huelva..I wont miss you :)
    But you forgot to say why they use less...its bc they have less money. The nicer parts of Spain def have heat, AC and dishwashers.
    And the students dont have cliques bc there are no organized sports, or music classes,choir, or dance teams at the school, BUT there is something to say about not having any cliques. Maybe US and Spain could meet in the middle somewhere between their two cultures!

  2. Good post Collin:) And I like the pictures. So glad you had the experience, and glad you are coming back!! See you in TW soon!