Monday, February 8, 2010

A Trip to Cordoba, Spain

 My friend David and I, (David is also a language assistant in Huelva, but from NY), went for a quick two day trip.
Cordoba is famous for the Mezquita. The Mezquita is a Mosque built by the Moors during the 7th century. Its famous architecture with double arches is what makes it unique.
The Mezquita was captured by the Christians in 1236, and the Christians decided to build a cathedral in the middle of it. It's a nice cathedral, but I would like to see the Mezquita without it, because it blocks the vastness of the building and its arches.
The cathedral was built right dead in the middle of the Mosque.
The outside of the Mosque......with its huge stones.
Right next to the Meztiqua is the Alcazar. It was a palace used to house the Kings and Queens of Spain when they visited, and a place to do governmental things.......
They always seem to have nice gardens, in the same basic format......water, orange trees, fountins, narrow walkways......
palm trees.......
The weather in Cordoba was perfect. Weather is definetly a huge factor in traveling enjoyment levels.
After seeing all of the town (only need a day to see it), David and I got some food and some drinks and chilled in the main plaza. We were commenting on how we love the Spanish style of living....relaxed, laid back, social, and then a bum came and tried to steal our drinks. Bums are very prevelant in Andalucia, they enjoy the nice climate as well.
We met a guy from Belgium at the hostal and went to watch an FC Barcelona game, they are the best team in the world for sure.
We found a nice bar that serves free Tapas with a beer. We got a Meztiqua beer....and some free tapas
Heres a few more pictures of has some artifacts from the Roman ages, before the Moors inhabited Cordoba. There are some old Roman columns and a Roman made bridge in the city.....
It was estimated that in the 10th century Cordoba was one of the most populated cities in the world.
We stayed at a nice hostal, cheap, fun, and central. We also discovered a vending machine that serves Cerveza at the hostal!
Good Trip!