Thursday, April 15, 2010

Seville and Valencia with the parents!

My parents made thier first trip ever across the Atlantic in March of 2010. We met in Seville. They loved the city layouts, and how easy it is to walk everywhere. My dad and I on the main street in Seville.
We walked through the cathedral as well, it holds the tomb of Christopher Columbus.....Mom standing in front (with her Rick Steve's travel bible).
Sevilla's cathedral is the largest Gothic church in the world, and third largest church in Europe after St. Peter's at the Vatican and St. Paul's in London. Dad inside, he loved the architecture on this trip.
The cathedral is huge.......
We discovered how cheap and good the wine and olives are in Spain. We also discovered that the Spainyards have a different schedule than Americans. They eat lunch at 3, siesta, dinner at 9-10pm, and then stay out late and drink wine and Cruzcampo.
A small street in Seville......
We went to see the Alcazar, right next door to the cathedral. It was originally a palace built in the 900's for the Moors. It still functions as a royal palace. One of the rooms of this government palace is where the queen and king of Spain approved Christopher Columbus' voyage to find the new world. I hear CC was brutal, although.
Below is a courtyard, with all architecture done by Moorish workmen.

The Alcazar is similar to The Alhambra in Granada.
Mom running off to find....?
 15 euro flamenco show in Seville......
 Seville bullfighting ring......
After Seville, we headed up to Valencia, on the Eastern coast of Spain.
Valencia....(third largest city in Spain, 800,000) is known for its sun, paella and beaches...
Town Hall building behind us.
My parents went to see the Santiago Calatrava science park (I went to the hospital to tend to an ear infecction and discovered the ups and downs of the spanish health care system). Dad loved the Calatrava buildings, there is a brigde being built in Dallas right now that is designed by him, hope it will be as cool as this:
We tried some paella at a resturaunt as close to the sea as we could get, and determined that the Spanish need to use more spices in thier food. The beach was nice although....
We then went to see the Cathedral, eat more gellato, and take more pictures. We also decided that on our next leg of the trip, (when we would meet up with Matt, Angie, Kelsy, David, and Hilary in Naples) we would need to have resturaunts or grocery stores picked out so we dont wonder around aimlessly looking for food at 10pm. 
In the catedral, there was a conversation on how instead of focusing so much on the dramatic aspects of Christianity in Cathedral focus on Jesus preaching to thousands, the parables, the resurection, etc... We saw paintings of people getting thier intestines ripped out, soldiers on horseback with people dead all over the ground, and many dramatic pictures of the crucifixion.
Valencia lived up to its reputation in regards to lots of sun!

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