Saturday, April 24, 2010

Similarities and Differences of Spainiards and Americans

This video is of an American english teacher, choosing to live in Spain.

He lists the similarities and differences of the cultures, and after living in Spain for a short while (7 months to observe).....I agree with most of these points except for the food! I guess, "to each his own". We don't judge all that much, but he does make a point.

Scroll over the youtube writing below:

I think that my experience has been different from the typical "study abroad" experience. I did not know anyone coming over here, and have not been surrounded by other Americans while living here. I believe that my experience was more authentic than a study abroad experience, which has good and bad points......I did tend to get more lonely living in Huelva. On the other hand, I probably branched out more, and got to experience and observe the culture in a more authentic way.

I remember meeting a guy at the gym, Harold (ironically a very American name), and he invited me to come to his pueblo (small town) outside of Huelva, and join in on a "bodega". A bodega is an awesome event. Its a weekly gathering of people in the pueblo that bring their own meat to a patio bar and cook it on the same grill and hang out with thier neighbors. Everyone was drinking wine and beer, eating meat, and talking with all of thier friends. It was a blast, and probably one of the most authentic things I did while here in Spain.

In this video, one of the last points that he makes is that he thinks Spain is a much easier place for a normal, middle class guy to live. He states that the pressures and the desire to be a "winner" in America can sometimes make the middle class man feel insignificant.

The Spanish unemployment rate is at 20% right now and problems may be on the way. I suppose there are ups and downs to this Spanish "relaxed" lifestyle.

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