Friday, April 16, 2010

A Trip To Italy!!!!!!!!

My Parents and I met up with Kelsy, David, Matt, Angie, and Hilary in Naples, Italy. A friend told me about Naples, "You'll either hate it or love it". We stayed long enough only to find we didn't feel safe.We walked around Naples for a few hours and felt like we were about to be innocent bystanders in a mobster clash. The city is very active, loud and dirty, but it has a cool feel to it. Naples claims the birthplace of the pizza. (Hilary would arrive later this night).
 We discovered that they keep thier pizza simple, thin crust, tomatoes, and cheese....made in a brick oven. Most of the time we were all looking around in different directions.....
Naples was founded in the 8th century BC, it is one of the oldest citites in the world. It was also one of the most bombed cities during WWII, some of the buildings looked like they haven't recovered.

Our next stop was an hour south, to Sorrento. Rick Steve said it is the best place to stay near Naples, and I agree. It is a small town with nice hotels, nice resturaunts, and an awesome coastline.
There was a view of old roman ruins right outside of the hotel.
Some authentic Pizza:
On day one, Hil and I decided to rent a moped for the day.
The Italians on mopeds are crazy, but smart, you save so much time in traffic with one of these.
We travelled along the winding roads of the coast to Positano and the Almafi Coast.
The Positano beach is amazing, we felt like we were in a postcard. We ate pistachio gellato, napped on the beach, and saw people coming out of churches with palm branches.
Dinner in Sorrento:

On day two, we travelled to Pompei by train next to some smelly Italian guys.
Pompeii is a town near Naples that was covered by the ashes of a volcano that erupted on Mount Vesuvius. The ashes covered the town in 79AD, at the height of the Roman Empire.
Mount Vesuvuis in the background:
Pompeii was lost for nearly 1,600 years before its accidental rediscovery in 1592. Since then, its excavation has provided an extraordinarily detailed insight into the life of a city at the height of the Roman Empire. Today, this UNESCO World Heritage Site is one of the most popular tourist attractions of Italy, with approximately 2,500,000 visitors every year.
Hil and I (head of the god Jupiter in the background):
The 3 large stones signified a two lane road.
David found a drain to worship:
Hil was having some "girl issues" this day, and I was scared.
We sat in a theater built over 600 years before Jesus walked the earth and watched a performance of French 10th graders perform skits.
Hilary wanted to take a picture of this guy in the theater becasue she said thats what she imagines Jesus to look like:
On day three in Sorrento we went to The Isle of Capri. We hiked along the coast and saw some awesome views:
The Mediterranian sea is beautiful:
We liked Italy.
Good Trip!

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